2 Ton Overhead Crane from Ellsen Supplier

2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane mainly refers to single girder crane. It can be built with steel beams or more rigid welding box girder type. This kind of light weight lifting crane is widely used in industrial field. It applies to maintenance shop, material transportation, warehouse, workshop, production line, equipment assembly shop and so on. This kind of hoisting crane with small rated load can move fast for high work efficiency. Ellsen Crane Company, a famous crane manufacturer, provides 2-ton overhead cranes with high performance and most economical price.

Brief introduction

Single beam bridge cranes is the renew product of “BCD”,which is a light equipment of crane .
Feature of single beam bridge crane 2 ton
Its structure is more reasonable,its assembly is more convenient ,and Its property is nuch superior.


1.Lifting capacity is 2tons,
2.The span is 7.5-31.5m,
3.Working class is A3-A
4.Working system is 25%.
5.It has ground-controlling and remote -controlling, and also it has openand closed style ,the direction of entrance has side and end


The product is widely applicable in factory ,warehouse ,logistics etc.

2 Ton Overhead Crane from Ellsen Supplier
2 Ton Overhead Crane from Ellsen Supplier
Loading Capacity: 2 ton
Lifting Height: 3~30m
Span: 7.5~28.5m
Working Class:A3 A4
Working Temperature:-20~40℃

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Ellsen Portable Overhead Crane for Sale
Ellsen Portable Overhead Crane for Sale
Lifting Capacity: 2 ton
Span Length: 2~20m
Lifting Height: 3~15m
Working Class: A3-A5

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KBK Free Standing Overhead Crane
KBK Free Standing Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 2 ton
Span Length: 3~12m
Lifting Height: 3~6m+
Working Class: A3

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LX Underhung Overhead Crane from Ellsen
LX Underhung Overhead Crane from Ellsen
Lifting Capacity: 2 ton
Span Length: 3~22.5m
Lifting Height: 6~12m
Working Class: A3, A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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HD European Single Girder Crane
HD European Single Girder Crane
Lifting Capacity: 2t
Span Length: 7.5~28.5m
Lifting Height: 6~12m
Lifting Speed: 0.66/4-1.6/10m/min
Trolley Speed: 2-20m/min
Working Class: A5
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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LB Explosion-proof Overhead Crane from Ellsen
LB Explosion-proof Overhead Crane from Ellsen
Lifting Capacity: 2 ton
Span Length: 7.5~28.5m
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Working Class: A3, A4
Explosion-proof Grade: ExdⅡBT4 / CT4

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Why the 2 ton overhead crane is flexible to use

Purchasing an overhead crane for your business is something that requires quite a bit of consideration. A 2 ton overhead crane is actually a very small crane by comparison to many of the others that can lift hundreds of tons. These are typically portable, easily constructed, and can be used for smaller jobs where things that must be lifted only weigh a few thousand pounds. At the very least, you need to compare the different ones that are currently being sold, preferably from a highly recommended company, so that you can get the best deal on an excellent product. Let’s go over why these are flexible to use, and where you can get the best ones.

What 2 ton overhead cranes are used for

These are typically only used for smaller projects. They are not industrial grade. You can see these in garages in most cases, or people may actually purchase them for their own use. They can easily be constructed in a matter of minutes, and they are flexible in regard to how mobile they actually are. They are also adjustable so that you can choose a different height, and also the width of the overhead crane can be adjusted as well.

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Why industrial companies would purchase one

Although it unlikely that a business would actually need to use one the small, there is always the possibility that they will have to do a smaller job at some point in time. This is probably not going to happen for commercial or industrial companies that use larger overhead cranes such as those found on shipping docks. However, you can find ones that are for sale that are available overseas for discount prices. You could find ones that are domestic as well, but let’s look at both of these options.

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Where can you purchase these for discount prices?

You can purchase these from many stores that are probably located in nearby cities. The best deals on them will probably come from overseas companies. They are made by businesses that use the best materials, and because the cost of labor is cheaper, you can get them for lower prices. It just depends on how soon you actually need to have one. In most cases, they can ship one to you in just a few days if you are located in close proximity to the manufacturer. Otherwise, it could be a couple weeks, but once you have this, it will be one that is extremely well-built and will last for many years to come.

The other options that you have are using a larger crane that is also portable. They can be 5 or 10 ton cranes, and still be extremely easy to use. It won’t take long for you to locate a business that will provide you with an excellent deal whether you are looking for one for your home or your business, regardless of the size of your company or the type of work that you do.

LD 2 Ton Overhead Crane
LD 2 Ton Overhead Crane

Technical characteristic

1.Trinty-drive system :the electrical appliance adjusts sppeed without contact or spark module ,and fulfils converter function ,including mini-speed and double -speed ,which makes traveling and lifting very steady.

2.It is equiped with such proecting devices as alarm device to overloading obliquely hanging ,second proecting equipment preventing hook clashing the top ,protecting the current lacking of any phrase etc.

The operating board (handle )adopts 12v safe voltage.The electric controlling can be used more than 2 million times when the voltage is 380V+5~10%.

Ellsen produces great small bridge crane

Ellsen provides low price small bridge crane and small overhead crane for light duty material handling, such as 1 ton bridge crane,2 ton crane, light crane, portable bridge crane, light duty bridge crane or small tonnage double girder bridge crane, underhung bridge crane, top running bridge crane, Europe-type bridge crane, and ceiling mounted small bridge crane.

Benefits of small overhead cranes

Small overhead crane is widely used for light duty in warehouse, shop, storage, material stocks and workstation, and other places and applications.

With light weight, small bridge cranes can lift or transport loads quickly, improving work efficiency.

Due to the light weight, 1ton overhead crane has the little wheel pressure on the track.

2 ton overhead crane has good stiffness, less height of structure, large span, compact structure, beautiful shape, less bridge crane costs.

High configuration of 1 ton bridge crane

Full-sealed three-to-one motor in driving device, lubrication and maintenance-free design. 2 ton crane is of smoothly moving, low noise, safe and reliable, low energy consumption advantages.

Good perform of electrical protection system. Reaching several protection effects at the same time by advanced technology.

Submerged automatic arc welding. Strictly conforming to national welding standardization to ensure and improve safety factors.

Hardened reducer. Gears are for the characters of small volume, light dead weight, high accuracy, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, etc.

Advanced buffer and intelligent overhead limiter.

Emergency shutdown system is of stable and durable operation.

Height Bridge Cranes are available to overcome hook height problems inherent to standard crane designs

Underhung double girder bridge crane with a top running hoist

Designed with two underhung bridge beams to allow a top running trolley hoist to be utilized on an underhung bridge crane

Underhung single girder bridge crane with coped bridge girder

The bridge girder is designed with a special connection plate that allows the bridge beam to be tucked in between the runways. This simple design is created to allow maximum hook height with minimal expense. These overhead traveling cranes are commonly equipped with low headroom wire rope, electric chain or hand chain hoists.
Top running overhead bridge crane equipped with an underhung trolley

Which supports the hoist on top of the trolley. This positions the hoist high and between the two bridge girders creating the most hook height and under bridge beam clearances of any bridge crane design.

These cranes are available in push, hand-geared and motorized versions built to meet your individual requirements.

Top running configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 20 Ton – Up to 60′ Span

Underhung configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 15 Ton – Up to 60′ Span

Three trucked underhung cranes

In addition to the above low headroom bridge crane, we also have under hung cranes that are constructed with three end-trucks. As the distance between runways increase the size of the bridge girder itself must increase. By adding a third runway we are able to support the center of the bridge crane decreasing the distance between runways thus the height of the bridge crane can be reduced. This solution can make the difference between good and great headroom or in some cases maybe the only solution to a lifting need.

Underhung configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 20 Ton – Up to 100′ Span

Trucks equipped with side guide rollers standard

Uniquely designed to float the center truck when not fully loaded

Having adequate hook height is a must in nearly all hoisting applications. Ellsen has developed many creative ways to achieve the best hook heights for customers of both our small and large overhead bridge cranes and we certainly can do the same for you. Please Email sales@ellsenoverheadcrane.com or call us with any overhead lifting application project and our dedicated staff of experienced application engineers will be glad to help you find a perfect solution.

Affordable overhead bridge crane system for your garage or workshop

Shop Crane fills a gap that has long existed at the lower cost end of the material handling industry. We work with customers every day in factories and businesses that use overhead bridge cranes in industrial applications. A common comment we hear after a new Ellsen Workstation Crane is installed is “Man I wish I had one of these in my Garage at home.” Guys see how easily they can maneuver heavy loads at work and naturally start to think how having a crane in their garage at home could help them get a job done faster and safer.

Shop Crane is an overhead bridge crane system design for use in non-industrial applications, that means your garage, pole barn, workshop, and man cave, whatever light duty applications call for lifting more than you can handle by hand. The Shop Crane system uses two parallel steel tracks, or runways, to guide a steel bridge over your work space. The crane features a non-binding trolley that glides along the inside of the enclosed track bridge to give you complete coverage within the frame of the Shop Crane.

The Shop Crane is one of the items that most customers will ask “Do I really need this?” and then 2 months later wonder how they ever lived without it. If you are into vehicle restoration or building hot rods you can get a Shop Crane for less than the cost of a nice set of wheels and tires and have it installed on a Saturday afternoon. It is great for maintenance on farm or golf course equipment making it easy to lift mower decks or snow plows up for maintenance and installation.

Do not worry about if it will fit, the Small Shop Crane was designed to fit in standard garages and to maximize headroom, and how high you can lift a load.

Flexible move of 2 ton mobile crane

2t bridge crane is kind of small and tiny lifting device. With light weight, it is flexible to operate; with tiny size, it takes little area; with simple structure, it is easy to check and maintain. Smooth start, quick stop and stable move, Ellsen 2 ton overhead crane has high efficiency and good performance.

Crane traveling mechanism ensures the crane move on the rail forth and back. The trolley travels on the main girder left and right to transport the material. The hook can accomplish lifting material up and down. The main girder, end beams and wheels make sure the crane travel on the supporting structure rails.

Design of 2 ton free standing bridge crane

2 ton bridge crane is often designed as small single girder crane. The crane is mainly composed of one main girder, two end beams, crane traveling mechanism, trolley, lifting mechanism.

Ellsen designs 2 tons crane with two types, top running overhead crane and under-hung traveling crane. Top traveling crane is common crane. It travel on the rail. This kind of small crane has wide application in factory, warehouse, workstation, garage and shop.

Why choose Ellsen 2 ton overhead crane?

1. Light dead weight
2. Low cost of transportation and fast installation
3. Easy maintenance and easy replacement of components
4. Perfect safe protection
5. Checked carefully before selling out.

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