30 Ton Overhead Crane

30 ton overhead crane is kind of heavy duty lifting tool. It is generally designed as double girder overhead crane. As heavy duty crane, 30 ton travelling crane has large loading capacity and high working efficiency. For construction site, warehouse, this kind of big overhead crane is frequently used.
AIMIX Group, a professional and famous overhead crane supplier in China, produces types of bridge cranes with reasonable design and customized service. Choose us means customers can purchase one suitable crane with ideal price! Buy our overhead cranes for energy saving and efficiency increasing!

30 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale
  • Load capacity: 5-320t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 6-13m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 36-45.9m/min
  • Crane running speed: 63-118.6m/min
  • Work duty: A6-A8

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Wide application of 30 ton overhead crane

As one kind of heavy duty overhead crane, 30t bridge crane has wide application. It is generally applied in many different working conditions, such as warehouse, construction site, mining, logistics factory, machinery processing etc.

Common problems of safety trolley line

First, the safety trolley line is out of power. The reason is that electric brush climbs in the conductor, the brush wears seriously, conductor joint is not smooth, single connector is used, rail joint becomes loose. The correct way is to check whether the brush wears seriously, change electric brush, adjust the connecting joint, and adopt double-brush connector.

Second, the guiding rail is deformation, the collector doesn’t work. The main reason is the temperature is too high, the distance between lifting racks is too long or loose. It is useful to adopt anti-heat plate partially, add sun shield outdoors, increase the number of trolley line lifting racks, correct the conductor and screw down the screws.

Third, the trolley line shakes seriously, and for this problem, the reason is that fork can’t absorb the transmission error, guiding-rail has poor straightness, and lifting rack is loose. The right way is to modify tractor, adjust the straightness of guiding-rail, and tighten the screw mounts.

What is 30 ton crane price?

Price is an important factor that customer cares about. It is related to market, customers and crane manufacturers. Price is influenced by crane specifications, such as lifting span, lifting height, crane working time per day, crane working environment, crane traveling distance.

Our company provides customized service for customers. This means that the customer can get the most suitable bridge crane for the lifting work. Our company has its own factory, customers don’t need to pay for extra medium factories. This can save much cost. What’s more, 0verhead cranes have reliable quality, frequent repair and replace are not necessary. This can also save much expense. Thus our crane price is reasonable and affordable. For specific price, just send crane quotation to sales@ellsenoverheadcrane.com

30ton heavy duty crane hook

Our company pays attention to the quality of every part, even the crane hook. The hook plays an important role in lifting and transporting work. It connects to the material and lifting device( electric hoist, trolley, crane girder). If the crane hook is not durable, it can’t lift heavy material safely.  Hook is steel casting or steel forging. This can ensure the hook durable feature, long service term and competitive quality.

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Overhead crane maintenance

Crane inspection and maintenance are essential to safe equipment operation. Operator safety can be improved and operator injury can be avoided if the equipment is properly inspected and maintained. In addition, manufacturing productivity can also be improved with scheduled maintenance to maintain proper equipment functionality and to help avert breakdown repairs. Failure to complete overhead crane and hoist inspections and proper equipment maintenance could lead to serious injury, death or destruction of property.

How to protect workers?

1.Implementing a written and documented crane and hoist inspection and maintenance program
2. Training the operator to perform the required inspection of overhead crane
3. Training the operator to properly use the crane
4. Ensuring that the operator has read the manufacturer’s operation manuals.

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Bridge crane end trucks

End truck, a high quality component, is designed for reliability and economy. The steel structure of the end truck is a torsion-resistant box girder. It is prepared to be connected to the crane girder. Precise machining and exact alignment of the crane girder mounting plates ensure great travel characteristics and long life.

  • Direct driven, precision-splined shaft-to-gear connection
  • Lifetime lubricated, totally enclosed gear trains
  • Spheroidal graphite cast or forged steel wheels
  • Inertia fly wheel (for two-speed drive) delivers soft start and smooth speed transition
  • Heavy duty box construction
  • Rotating axle drive wheel(optional on idler wheel)
  • Standard wheels are flat tread ductile iron
  • Include rail sweeps and bumpers
  • Mates with our series bridge drives
  • Bolted structural connection plates
  • Single girder, double girder and bogie trucks available

What do operators need to know?

1.Proper inspection techniques and items to be inspected
2.Proper use of the equipment
3.Contents of manufacturers’ operation manual
4.Lock out/ tag out procedure
5.How to document the inspections

30 ton overhead crane for sale

1. Various types, reasonable design
2. Complete safety devices, simple operation
3. Durable material, reliable quality
4. Affordable price, good performance
5. Simple structure, easy operation

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