75 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale

75 Ton Overhead Crane

75 ton overhead crane is a kind of heavy duty crane. With large loading capacity, durable material, compact structure, strong adaptation, high efficiency, 75t bridge crane is widely used for loading and transporting in many different fields, such as warehouse, factory, construction site, coal mine, industrial enterprise, material handling factory, processing line etc. AIMIX Group, a professional crane supplier in China, provides kinds of lifting cranes, such as workstation bridge crane, single girder crane for casting use, cheap warehouse double beam crane, customers can purchase suitable one according to practical needs.

75 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale
75 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale
  • Load capacity: 5-320t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 0.2-10.7m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 2.4-33m/min
  • Crane running speed: 4.2-68m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A5

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Obstacles of bridge crane and solving methods

The body of reducer, especially installing shaft is hot. The shaft is broken, or stuck, the gear is wearied, and the machine lacks lubrication. Just change the shaft, adjust the gear or change the lubrication.

The wire rope wears rapid or damages often. The diameters of trolley and drum are too small, the rope slot of drum is too small, not match with rope diameter. The wire rope is dirty and lack of lubrication. Lifting limiter baffle is installed wrong, and makes the rope weary. Trolley slot or trolley edge is not smooth. Change better wire rope with durable toughness or big trolley or big drum diameter. Change wire rope with the same lifting capacity but thinner diameter, or change trolley, drum. Clean wire rope and make lubrication, install it again, eliminate the defects.

The crane travelling mechanism is skew. The error of two driving-wheel is too big, driving-wheel doesn’t touch with the rail totally, and driving-wheel axis is not right, metal structure has deformed, the quality of rail installation is low, and the rail is not clean and has oil pollution. Measure and change the wheel, check and eliminate axis-skew, adjust rail and make it meet the standards, clean the rail.

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What is 75 ton bridge crane price?

Low price crane for sale is very popular. But many customers worry that low price industrial crane doesn’t have reliable quality, especially for heavy cranes, such as 75 ton bridge crane for sale. To ensure affordable price and wonderful price, it is wise to choose a strong crane company.

Our company provides china 75t loading bridge crane for sale. Made-in China cranes have high praise and take a large market share. Discount high efficient portal crane has been exported to many countries and absorbs repeat customers. Because our company provides reasonable price and best service for customers, such as customized service and after-sale service. Every 75 ton price is different. Crane price is related to many factors, such as lifting tons, crane span, electric hoist, lifting height, working condition. The more detailed factors the customers provide, the more accurate price the customers get.

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China crane for workshop material handling factory

Where to find reliable 75t loading bridge crane factory? How to choose 75 ton bridge crane manufacturers? What are 75 ton bridge crane brands? These questions are essential for customers, they are related to crane quality and crane cost. Strong crane factories can provide great 75 ton mobile crane for sale, they have advanced technology, competitive producing ability, experienced engineers, strict producing standards and complete after-sale service. All these advantages can ensure the crane conform to national producing standards.

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What should China 75t loading bridge crane suppliers do?

China 75t loading bridge crane manufacturer are responsible for designing crane, producing crane, delivering crane and maintaining crane.

For designing crane, crane manufacturer should do crane drawings according to practical needs, such as lifting height, traveling speed, lifting duty, working class and special requirement. For example, if the crane is used in flammable and explosive environment, explosion-proof crane, metallurgy crane or casting crane is better than common electric bridge crane.

For producing crane, crane manufacturer must obey national producing standards and ensure the crane safety. This is an important step. It is related to crane quality. The producing material must be durable, such as strong steel. Strong crane manufacturers adopt advanced technology to produce top quality traveling cranes.

For delivering crane, 75t loading bridge crane suppliers should package the crane carefully. Put crane parts in the wooden box. Not packaging the crane with paper box. It is not firm and durable. Wooden box is much better. Before delivering the crane, check all parts to ensure good conditions.

For maintaining crane, crane suppliers should advise the customers to check and maintain regularly. This can help customers find problems and solve problems timely, which can decrease accident risk and increase safety level and prolong crane service term.

Powerful 75 ton overhead crane for sale

1. Durable material, long using term
2. Reasonable design, simple system
3. Complete safety device, high security
4. Simple installation, easy operation
5. Professional crane manufacturer, top quality

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