Details About Overhead Crane Check And Maintain Work

First step is to learn the crane structure. Overhead crane is composed of mechanical transmission device and metal structure. It is related to electric, engineering and dynamics. With some assistant devices, such as electric hoists, the crane can load, unload and transport the material flexibly. Except for lifting and transporting solid material, the crane can accomplish auto lifting for special material.

Maintenance can prolong the crane service life and can improve the crane safety level. This can increase economic benefits. It is important to focus on crane daily maintenance. If the crane is partial off paint, paint the device timely to ensure the crane clean and forbid early corrosion. The crane produces vibration when working, this leads the parts loose or damage. Thus regular check is important, it can eliminate hidden safety troubles. At the same time, increasing lubricating oil to decrease device abrasion and prolong the service term.

Maintenance details of transmission device

The check work of transmission device refers to wire rope condition. Check whether the wire rope is fixed well, broken, rust, twisted, and abrasive; check whether the connection of rope and lifting hoist conforms to the rules. The check of hoist is the same. For any abnormal condition, exchange it timely. Check the hook broken degree, if it is serious, just exchange a new hook.

Check details of mechanical device

When the crane works normally or works for long time, check whether the sound is normal. If the sound is loud, deal with it timely. The crane works for long time, check whether the heat dissipation is good. Check whether the shrinkage of spring and puling ring is in normal condition. It is necessary to check the lubricating condition of transmission box and reducer. Check the oil meter timely to avoid the lack of oil.