Features Of 5 Ton 10 Ton Box Type Double Girder Overhead Crane

Box type double girder overhead crane has many advantages. It has a few processing parts, good manufacturability, great commonality, simple installation and maintenance. Thus it has wide application in fields. AIMIX Group mainly adopts this box type for medium and small bridge crane, such as 5 ton bridge crane and 10 ton overhead crane.

The crane transmission adopts closed gear drive. The four wheels are fixed under the trolley frame. The wheel is composed of group components with angle bearing box. Electric motor is fixed on the surface of trolley. Because electric motor bearing and wheel bearing are not at the same level, the transmission mechanism adopts vertical level 3 cylindrical gear reducer. Two parts adopt semi gear coupling with floating shaft, one part is between reducer input shaft and electric motor shaft, the other part is between reducer’s two out-put shafts ends and wheel shaft.

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The end girder plays an important role in lifting work. It is the key part bearing transportation. The end girder consists of wheel, end girder frame, upper plate, medium plate and lower plate. The end girder is connected by strong bolts through connecting plate and angle steel. There is reinforced steel inner the end girder to ensure the stability after the girder bearing heavy material.

The end girder size is based on the span of main girder, the wheel distance of travelling system and trolley. The traveling mechanism adopts respective transmission. When installing the crane, first connect one side of end girder with main girder, then connect two sides of end girder.