Features of European Type Overhead Crane

1. Light dead weight

The European crane produced by our company has very reasonable structure, the dead weight of the crane is far lighter than the traditional cranes. The European overhead crane requires less on the workshop, has wider applications, has small wheel pressure on the track and saves workshop cost.

2. Small space occupation

The crane can effectively utilize the workshop space. The limit distance between the hook and the wall on both sides is small, the clearance is low, the effective working space of the existing workshop is larger, and the layout planning of the workshop is more flexible. The new workshop can be designed smaller and more complete.

3. High work performance

With frequency conversion technology, the crane can run smoothly, reduce the swing of the load to the greatest extent, make the loading positioning more quickly and accurately, and also reduce the friction and mechanical stress between the crane and the plant structure. Due to the large diameter and short length of the wire rope drum, the horizontal running distance of the hook is the shortest when lowering, so the load positioning is more accurate.

4. Easy operation

It adopts a variety of hanging controllers designed in accordance with ergonomics, which are used to control all functions, including auxiliary material conveying slings such as electromagnets. The hanging button box with liquid crystal display can communicate with safety and performance control system interactively, and continuously display weight information when lifting heavy objects. Wireless remote control system can also be selected. The radio control is divided into hand-held and joystick transmission type, providing the best control solution for the use of lifting equipment in harsh and complex environment.

5. Safe and reliable

With over ten protection measures, such as overheat protection, overload protection, phase sequence protection, etc., it can ensure the safe operation of the crane. The drum of hoisting equipment is made of steel, and the deviation angle of wire rope is small. This structure can reduce the tension and wear degree of the steel wire rope. The lifting motor has a strong overload capacity, with an independent air cooling system, with a protection grade of IP54, and can be automatically adjusted. For special requirements, two brakes can be equipped.

European cranes

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6. Low cost in running and maintenance

Adopting the green design concept, the whole crane machine has the advantages of low power consumption, low power consumption, reliable quality and low failure rate in the process of correct use, which can reduce the loss caused by equipment failure and shutdown to the greatest extent and save the maintenance cost of the equipment.

7. Wide applications

8. Reduce workshop height

Under the same lifting height requirements, the height of the workshop can be reduced and the manufacturing cost can be reduced. The larger the workshop scale is, the more obvious the cost savings will be.

9. Higher lift

The same workshop height can meet higher effective lifting height and special working condition requirements.

10. Reduce the operating limit distance

The operation limit distance of the hook is reduced and the operation range is increased.

11. Convenient maintenance

The structure of the new lifting trolley, the selection and layout of the components such as motor, reducer, brake and drum are more compact and advanced, which makes the equipment more reliable and durable, convenient for maintenance, compact in structure, strong interchangeability and superior in performance; modular design, convenient for assembly, inspection and maintenance.

The main structure of the crane has been optimized. Most of the components can be disassembled and adjusted. After arriving at the site, the installation is safe and simple.

Reduce the transportation cost, especially in the places with long distance and inconvenient transportation; also, completely avoid the loss of small items or damage of large components caused by hoisting.

Standardized design, large-scale production, better performance, advanced design and manufacturing technology, high product quality, safety and reliability.

Quick positioning, ergonomic design, comfortable operation.
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