Garage Overhead Crane Small Cranes

Garage Overhead Crane

Garage overhead crane is frequently used for loading, unloading, transporting, lifting materials and goods in factory, warehouse, and storage yards. According to crane girder, overhead garage cranes are divided into two types: single girder type and double girder type. They are designed to meet different industrial lifting work capacity, from medium to heavy class, covers all parts of the manufacturing process.

Ellsen Company, a famous crane manufacturer in China, ranks top in the crane industry , provides cost-effective garage overhead cranes. Ellsen also produces other types of cranes, such as overhead explosion-proof crane for coal mine, low price beam cranes, low price magnetic overhead crane, double girder bridge crane with hook, cheap single girder low headroom overhead crane, high-quality workshop crane, warehouse hoist double beam overhead crane.

LDP Partial Hung Single Girder Crane for Sale
LDP Partial Hung Single Girder Crane for Sale
Lifting Capacity: 3~10t
Span Length: 7.5~22.5m
Lifting Height: 3~30m
Working Class: A3 A4
Ambient Temperature: -25~40℃

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Garage Overhead Crane Small Cranes
Garage Overhead Crane Small Cranes
Lifting Capacity: 1~20t
Span Length: 7.5~28.5m
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Lifting Speed: Single/Double/Variable Speed
Working Class: A3, A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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How to choose suitable overhead garage crane?

First, customers choose cranes according to practical working condition and capacity. For example, underhung travelling crane is a very low clearance light duty lifting equipment, which is suitable for the factory and ware house not so high. Single girder crane has advantages of light structure, easy operation, and low noise.

Compared with single girder travelling crane, the double girder hoisting crane can support larger lifting capacity, and more suitable for heavy work duty. Double girder crane has advantages of strong rigidity, high working efficiency, safety protection.

Second, customers choose famous crane company for high-quality product. Ellsen Group is a leading manufacturer in the overhead cranes industry. It is located in Crane hometown of China, which covers more than 2/3 crane market in China. As a professional crane supplier, Ellsen provides all kinds of garage bridge cranes with different capacities, excellent quality and reasonable price, and can design every part of the crane according to customers’ requirement.

KBK Free Standing Overhead Crane
KBK Free Standing Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 0.5~3t
Span Length: 3~12m
Lifting Height: 3~6m+
Working Class: A3

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Advantages of garage overhead crane

If you are running a garage, you are not going to start until a crane is put in place. There are so many reasons for why a garage is going to need the crane to hoist cars. You just have to get the car up to see what is going on.

Well, you are not strong enough to lift it up with your hands, so a crane is your only choice.

You want to get underneath, and this is the crane to do the job for you.

The garage overhead crane is a beloved option for the following reasons.


Is it able to move around when you are looking to get it to a new spot in the garage? Yes, this is why people love the garage overhead crane more than some of the other related choices. You can put the crane in, but when you are done with it, you can move it around as well.

You are not bound to a spot once you have installed it, and that is powerful for those who are on the move.

You will feel free when you start using it, and that is perfect for all people who are running garages.


The flexibility of a garage overhead crane is something you will pay for. You are getting something that can move in all directions and is going to be easy to use. The flexibility does not just come from the crane, but from how it is laid out as well.

You will notice a rise in confidence as you start to use this all the time.

You are going to feel great about the crane and how it is laid out.

This is why most mechanics now prefer this as the crane they want to use for their garages.

Complete Maneuvering Offered

In a garage, you are going to care a lot about how things are maneuvered around. You don’t want something to be lifted, and then you are not able to do anything with it. This is not sufficient for a garage in the first place.

Let’s say you have hoisted a car; you are going to need to move it around a bit to get to specific regions.

You are not going to want it just lift it and leave it there. This is why people pay money for these cranes.

Think about this crane as the best one for mechanics. Most people are now seen putting money into these cranes because they work well and are safe. This is one of the bigger requirements because you don’t want to go with a crane that is not safe. You don’t want to feel like the crane is going to cause you trouble in the long-term, which can happen when you are not particular about what is put in the garage.

The crane should be a support option for you at all times, and the garage overhead crane does this and more for mechanics around the world.

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Garage overhead crane application

What is a garage overhead crane? A garage overhead crane is usually a fairy light-duty crane when compared to the large cranes used by construction company. These cranes can be very useful for doing things like pulling out engines or swapping out a cab or bed. Sometimes they are also called shop cranes or bridge cranes.

Understanding garage overhead cranes

These cranes are commonly found in smaller production shops. In some cases, people even install them at home because they have turned their garage into a shop to work on cars or other kinds of heavy machines and equipment. Very often, men who work with these garage cranes decide they would be a handy tool to have at home.

This is because these crane systems can make it easy and simple to maneuver and move around heavy loads. Then can help make it much safer and easier to move around heavy objects. Very often, they can enable one or two people to perform jobs that it would usually take several people to do just because of the great weight.

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At-home and small shop overhead cranes

It’s possible to buy an overhead bridge crane system that has been designed for lighter duty that an industrial application might demand. They can be installed in a barn, garage, workshop, or similar home or small business shop. Since they are both lighter and cheaper than industrial cranes, they are affordable for many people who would like one for their own personal use, hobbies, moonlighting business, and small shop.

Common garage cranes work by using a system with two steel tracks, sometimes called runways, that run parallel to each other. A trolley runs along the inside of these tracks to cover the entire length of the frame. Because these tracks form a sort of a bridge, they are sometimes called bridge cranes.

Can you use an overhead garage crane?

Typically, people who are interested in these small bridge cranes ask themselves if they really need one at home. After using them for a few months, they come back to wonder how they ever managed without one. They are incredibly handy tools for guys who like to repair and restore cars.

These light-duty cranes are designed to fit inside a typical garage, so most people shouldn’t worry much about having the room for them. They are also designed to maximize headroom, so they should provide sufficient clearance for most applications.

Who buys garage cranes?

Obviously, these are very handy to have when working on cars and other big machines at home or in a small shop. They are also popular for people who need them to maintenance work on farms, golf course, and similar types of operations. The great thing is that one can get installed in a few hours, so they can be purchased on one day and used upon the next.

The price is also modest, and light-duty overhead cranes can be purchased and installed in a garage or similar building for a few hundred dollars.

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Why a garage crane is applied for lifting small amounts of materail

An overhead crane, also called a gantry crane, is not only designed for large industrial companies that are moving containers that are extremely heavy, but they can also be used within a garage. They are able to help people lift items that are between one and three tons, making it very easy to maneuver things like engines in a mechanic shop. The reason that these are so popular is that they are often mobile which allows them to take out the engine, move it to a different location such as a work station, and then set it down into place. Conversely, once they are done, it can be repositioned into the vehicle so that the work can be completed. Here are a few reasons why the garage overhead crane is so popular within industries which are maneuvering engines and other items that are related to the mechanics industry.

How much can they lift on average?

Although they do have the ability to lift as much as 3 tons, on average they lift about 2 tons or 4000 pounds. The weight of the engine will depend upon the size and model that the mechanic decides to invest in, but there are also other factors to consider. They may need to have one with an overhead beam that has a trolley, allowing the hoist to be maneuvered ever so slightly to get the perfect position. These are designed to also roll over the floor, helping the mechanic to reposition the engine, or any other component of a vehicle, that needs to be moved in the absence of actual physical labor.

Why are these important for a mechanic shop

These are extremely important for three specific reasons that are all related together. First of all, they are designed to lift weights that are far beyond the capability of the average person. Second, this can prevent injuries from happening if someone were to actually try to lift an engine or any other component of the vehicle on their own. Finally, it gives them the ability to be very precise in regard to not only lifting out and engine, but also placing it back in so that mechanics can get underneath the car to reattach vital components that will allow it to work.

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How expensive are they?

These garage overhead cranes are actually very inexpensive, whether they are built into the actual structure, or if they are mobile. You can usually have one installed for a couple thousand dollars, or you can simply purchase one of the mobile units for about a grand. These are very inexpensive in comparison to the other types of equipment that are necessary for a mechanic shop to actually function. As long as you are able to purchase one that is highly recommended, that can also lift all of the weight that is necessary for the jobs that you do on a regular basis, it should be a vital asset to the production level of your company.

A mechanic should be able to save a lot of money by purchasing one of these online. Whether they are shipped from overseas, or from a domestic facility, they are only looking at spending a few thousand dollars. This small investment will enable them to lift very heavy components of both cars and trucks, and do so in a safe and reliable manner. You can find garage overhead cranes for sale that can be delivered and installed, allowing you to expand or enhance your business.

Ellsen provides cranes those customers need

I need a garage overhead crane cheap quality service
I need a portable overhead crane cheap quality service
I need a portable bridge crane cheap quality service
I need a garage gantry crane cheap quality service
I need a small overhead crane cheap quality service
I need a overhead shop crane cheap quality service
I need a shop gantry crane cheap quality service
I need a shop overhead crane cheap quality service
I need a mobile overhead crane cheap quality service

Where to buy workshop overhead crane?

Garage overhead crane is a kind of workshop crane. It can be used in workshop for loading and unloading material. As a light duty crane, garage crane has light weight, flexible move and easy installation.

Ellsen Group, a professional China crane supplier, provides best workshop bridge cranes. Except for small cranes, Ellsen also provides heavy duty cranes at factory price. Where to buy single beam bridge crane? Where to buy double beam overhead crane? Choose Ellsen, choose top quality and professional service!

Benefits of cheap bridge crane with carrier-beam

Garage overhead crane is cheap and portable. With carrier beam, garage crane can be used with electric hoist together. The hoist can travel along the beam and do horizontal move or lift and down the material. In this way, the crane can increase operation scope and improve the working efficiency.

With light dead weight, the crane can be carried from one place to another place easily. With wheels, the cranes can move quickly, with reasonable design, the crane can travel stably. The durable steel ensures the crane long service life.

Discount overhead crane with carrier-beam is hot sale. Ellsen provides discount bridge crane with carrier-beam. With simple structure, easy operation, Ellsen cheap bridge crane win high praise and trust from customers.

Features of Ellsen garage overhead crane

1. Reasonable structure, small occupied space
2. Favorable performance, high working efficiency
3. Smooth starting and stopping, effective braking, long service life
4. Safe and reliable travelling, easy operation
5. Low noise, large cabin and good view
6. Convenient installation and maintenance
7. Low operation and maintenance costs
8. Perfect design, strong rigidity
9. Adjustable speed with convert function, steady travelling
10. Choosing according to different needs

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