Overhead crane is kind of big lifting equipment with heavy weight, and big machine is not so simple to operate,  crane safety operation is very important, thus it is beneficial to learn the operation tips and fratures of crane parts, becasue it can help  reduce operation failure, protect security of operator and machine.  As a professional crane supplier and manufacturer, our company not only provides kinds of lifting equipment with high quality and resonable price, but also gives tips of safte operation.

As we know, crane working condition is not quiet, sometimes people can’t hear his partners’ words clearly, at that time, people often use simple signals to contact with each other.


What’s more, learning features of crane parts can help operate crane in correct way, maintain the crane quickly and make the crane longer use life.

Electric Motor And Hoist

Overload Limiter And Hook Group

Motor And Transmission

Wheel Handle Control

Motor Reducer Brake

Drum Coupling

Pulley Hook Overload Limiter


Electric Parts

Electric Components

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