Mobile Overhead Crane

Mobile overhead crane is widely used for lifting and transferring materials in factory, storage, and warehouse. Compared with other cranes, mobile overhead crane is smaller and easier to control. It has light weight, simple structure, adjustable frame, which makes it convenient to install, maintain and repair. Aimix Group, a famous crane manufacture and supplier in China, has rich experience and ranks top in the lifting crane industry. With years of development, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions and have won high praise of customers all over the world.

single girder overhead crane

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What is  mobile overhead crane?

Indoor mobile crane is kind of light and small lifting equipment that can moves towards any direction. Its main girder is I-type steel material which can lifting materials and can be used as travelling track of electric hoist. Wheels are equipped under the supporting legs, which makes the crane move flexibly on the smooth floor. The main girder and supporting legs are connected with strong bolts, and can be installed or dissembled quickly. A small car easily transport it from one place to another place. Portable cranes can save labor and improve working efficiency.


Power Of Mobile Overhead Crane

Mobile overhead cranes are now being listed as the best on the market. Why are people going with the “mobile” option instead of a more fixed choice where it does not move around? There are two things people point to immediately and that is comfort plus flexibility.

You can get it to go where you want, and that is nice when looking to lift from various angles and spots.

Plus, you are going to receive the following advantages as soon as you get it and start to put it to the test.

Easier To Use For Operator

How is it to use when you are putting the mobile overhead crane to the test? Does it have the ability to push forward? Can it remain mobile and still lift heavy weights? Well, it is going to lift a lot, and it is going to stay mobile at the same time.

You are going to enjoy being able to put together an easier to use solution that is on par with your needs.

An easier to use option is one that is going to remain convenient for the person that is running the project. You will know the load is not going to become a hurdle.

Swift Lifting

The lifting has to be swift, or you are not going to like the crane. If the reason you are not hitting your goals is because the crane is too slow, you won’t be able to make adjustments. You will have this dragging you down, and that is a tough spot to come back from for most owners.

You want to get the crane to optimize what you are doing rather than the other way around where it is pulling you down to new lows.

Work hard to get this crane because the benefits are clear enough.

Safe To Use

You don’t want to use a crane that is unsafe. You are trusting it to remain reliable and put forward results where you are not struggling to get things to move. A crane should be the last thing you worry about in the facility as that is a substantial investment you have made.

The mobile overhead crane is nice because you are getting a reliable partner with you at the facility that you are running.

It is vital to have this leverage as you make a decision about the crane.

Do not hesitate because of the mobility as that is one of its strongest points. The mobile overhead crane is such an excellent option and one that has numerous benefits to it. You are getting a crane that can move around, and you are getting it at fair price as well.

This is one of the more cost-efficient cranes you are going to find, and that is nice for a startup facility looking to get going. You might not want to add a lot of debt to your balance sheet, so this would be a good purchase that is effective.

Checklist for using mobile overhead crane

The mobile overhead crane is beautiful and something you will want to use at the facility for lifting purposes, but that does not mean you are going to run it blindly. You will want to have a daily checklist that is going to be used at all times to make sure the right things are being looked at beforehand.

Sometimes, you will hear about accidents that take place in factories because people are hauling items and then have not done their checks.

It is inexcusable to let this happen, so here is a simple checklist that you will be able to make the most of and ensure you are not doing something that could ruin everything.

1) Gear checks

Begin with the gears as those are going to be doing the main lifting. You want to ensure everything is intact the way you want it to be. This is when you will be able to look at the rest of the checklist. The goal is always to have it prepared before you move ahead.

When you do this, you will be happier about the gear checks you are going with and how they are going to work for you in the end.

Think about this as you are setting things up earlier in the day to use the mobile overhead crane.

2) Power source

Where is the power coming from? Some people get lazy here because they know the power source is not going to change. However, the biggest amount of damage that a person can see is often from the power source not being functional. You have to check the wires and everything that is going to the mobile overhead crane.

Make sure it is perfect as you would want it to be.


3) Light weight check

Grab a light weight with the mobile overhead crane and see how it does. Can it pick up the weight as you want and get it to a new spot or are you struggling? If there are issues with the light weight, what do you think is going to happen when you increase the load and get down to business?

It is going to snap under pressure, and that is a mess you don’t want to clean up.

So, you should look at this as an experiment to check if the machine is running as it should. If it is good to go then, you move to the next step. If it isn’t, then look to find the cause.

This is the checklist you are going to need when it comes to your mobile overhead crane, and it has to be followed. You cannot let it get to a point where you are going to hope that it can lift the weight. This is not enough at all, and you will hate the results.

You want to be sure about how you are going to lift the load as that is a must in this day and age. Once you have done this, you can move ahead.


Top Warehouse Bridge Crane For Sale
Top Warehouse Bridge Crane For Sale

Pay attention to bridge crane hook

Hoist hook is a kind of lifting device. It carries all the load when the crane is travelling. Once the hook is damage, it can lead serious accident. To ensure safety, operator must operate the crane according to the rules and the crane can’t be overload. Check the hook’s weariness and crane’s safety protection devices. If the hook has crack, repair or replace it immediately.

When workers operate bridge crane, the crane hook has lifting problems sometimes. The reason is that power line or control device has problems.Except for lifting obstacles, the hook has other hidden safety problems, for example, the hook can’t fall, the hook is not flexible and the hook has cracks. It is important to have correct understanding of hook obstacles.

Pay attention to lifting hook maintenance
1.When maintaining the crane, remove and check hook, axle, horizontal single beam, trolley, bearing and and clean lubrication oil. If the hook has cracks, replace it in time. Screw should be fixed firmly.
2.Check weariness condition, if weariness degree exceeds 10% of original degree, replace it immediately.
3.Take a test for lifting hook.
4.Gap clearance between plates should be less than 0.3mm.

How to ensure mobile crane safety?

Safety is important for lifting device. It is related to the crane machine and crane operator. High safety is based on good performance and proper operation. So customers should focus on two points, purchasing a reliable bridge crane and operating the crane properly.

We design and produce overhead cranes according to national safety standards and international crane industry rules. This can ensure the crane qualified features. It is a wise choice to buy cranes from us! For any questions, just send your quotation to, we will reply to u asap.

The crane operator must get operating license. This is basic requirement for operator. There are many other principles for the operator to obey for using the crane safely.

Advantages of our mobile overhead crane

First is about mobile crane services. We provide specific customized service. This means every customer can get the unique and suitable crane for lifting work. We have professional engineers and designers, they draws the crane draft according to working condition and crane application place.

Second is mobile crane training. We provide crane installation service. This can help customers save much energy and time. And our engineers will teach the customer how to install the crane correctly and safely.

Third is mobile crane inspection. This is very important for crane safety and long service time. Careful inspection and daily check work can reduce accident rate and ensure high safety.

Features of our adjustable cranes

1. Light weight, move easily
2. Simple structure, easy to install and repair
3. High quality with reasonable price
4. Steel material, durable and long-term use
5. Adjustable frame, quick disassemble
6. Wheels under the base, move flexibly

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