Overhead Crane System

Overhead crane system mainly includes the bridge frame, the crane travelling mechanism, the trolley travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism and operation room. Ellsen Group, a famous crane supplier, provides lifting cranes with best quality and price. Ellsen bridge crane has resonable structure and perfect travelling system.


Choosing a simple overhead crane system for easy use

Having an overhead crane installed in your work environment can represent a huge convenience. These relatively diminutive lifting machines can improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the work done in a number of different work environments, from garages and construction sites to workshops and fabrication studios. And while these machines may not be the cheapest things in the world, they can often represent a great deal of savings in terms of the work and time that their use can afford employees.

One of the problems with arise when looking to buy an overhead crane is the sheer number of options that are available on the market. There are hundreds of crane producing brands and thousands of models, each with their own particular set of specs and functions. It can be hard to choose the right model, especially if you are not so familiar with using these devices and want to be sure that you are picking an option that can be easily used by even the newest of operators. Here are some tips for anyone who is looking to buy a simple overhead crane fro easy use in a heavy duty environment.

1. Consider proficiency skills

Everyone has a slightly different level of understanding when it comes to operation specific pieces of heavy machinery. Some individuals may know the basics of controlling the device, while others may have honed their senses and ability to understand the mechanical complexities of the machine through years of usage. Before picking an overhead crane, it is a good idea to generally gauge the level of comfort that your team has with these lifting machines. This will help you decide how complicated a machine you can consider, as well as whether you will need to hold classes before allowing employees to make use of the device.

2. Know your specs

A crane that is easy to use is inevitably a crane that works well within its given setting. This means that all of its specs, from its overall height and length to the angles it can handle and its overall weight need to be a match. Take a good look at the area in which your overhead crane will need to be used before making a decision. This way, you can make sure that at least in terms of specs, the crane will not be presenting any kind of additional problems or complexities to the workers who will make use of it.

3. Look into professional installation

Finally, overhead cranes often require a little bit of expertise and experience for safe installation. These devices put their weight on the overall structure of the building, which means that whoever is installing the track needs to be sure that the structure can support that kind of weight. For this reason, it can be advantageous to hire a professional to do the installing. This way, the process is assured to be completely safe and effective in terms of time and money.


The bridge frame

It is kind of travelling metal structure which sustains the trolley’s weight and travels on the track through the wheels. It is composed of main girder, end girder, trolley track, walking platform and guardrail. The bridge frame mainly has two types, box-type structure and truss structure.

The crane travelling mechanism

It includes electric motor, reducer, transmission shaft, coupling, brake, angular bearing box, wheels and other crane parts. The crane wheels are anchored on the end girder through angular bearing box.

After power-on, electric motor produces electromagnetic torque and passes it to reducer through brake coupling and floating shaft, through slowdown gear, the output shaft drives the crane wheels travel on the track through coupling.

The crane travelling mechanism has two types of drive, concentrated drive and respective drive. Concentrated drive is that one motor drives the driving gears on the sides of the crane through transmission shaft; respective drive is that two motors drive the driving gears on the sides of the crane respectively.

The trolley travelling mechanism

It includes drive device, transmission device, support device and brake device. There are also protection devices on the trolley, such as buffer, guardrail. The trolley frame has two types, casting structure and welded structure, the latter is common.

The trolley travelling mechanism has two kinds of drive styles. First, the reducer in between the trolley’s driving gears, the torques bearing by reducer output shaft and transmission shafts are similar. Second, the reducer is on the side of trolley’s driving gear, in this way, installation and maintenance are convenient.

Lifting mechanism

It is the basic mechanism of the crane system. It mainly includes drive device, transmission device, and winding device, extract device and brake device. In addition, according to practical needs, assist devices can be set, such as limit device and loading-capacity limiter. Lifting mechanism has two types, single- hook type and double-hook type.

After power-on, the electric motor produces electromagnetic torque and passes it to the high-speed shaft of reducer through coupling and transmission shaft, then through gear transmission reducer, it dives the drum rotating around fixed axis, and thus the wire rope with extract device can roll in and roll out, so the material can be lifted up and down.

Operation room

It is also called cabin. In the operation room, there are protection devices, compact control box, electrical protection device, operation systems of the crane system, the trolley system and lifting system.

How does crane system work?

Overhead cranes can be used for both indoor and outdoor industrial applications of many kinds. When most people hear about overhead cranes, they think of the huge cranes that show up at construction sites. However, there are many different types of crane systems. If your business is all about lifting heavy loads, these industrial overhead cranes are your best solution.

When determining what these types of overhead crane systems include, you have to first realize that there are different types of these cranes in general. For example, one of the newer, popular models is the telescopic mast straddle crane. Not only can these cranes pick up heavy loads, but they can also of course move them. You would think an operation like this would be quite bulky and in the way, but these innovative cranes are space efficient.

You can also count on these cranes when the environment might not seem too ideal. For example, you have uneven ground, but that industrial bridge crane is still going to work just fine. You’ll also find that you can have your cranes moved quite easily if you need to use them in different places throughout a manufacturing plant or some other type of facility.

As mentioned, there are different models of these types of cranes on the market, and they are all configured a little differently. You will want to compare features for the different models. For instance, some of the cranes have an adjustable height feature. You might also want to take into consideration how long these crane companies have been around.

As you can imagine, these overhead cranes are made of the best steel, and they’re not just for indoor manufacturing facility use. Remember, these cranes can be used outdoors as well, and in fact one source mentions their use moving concrete slabs and other various items at sea ports around the world. How do you plan to make use of an overhead crane?

Not only do you need to know the specs on these cranes and what they include, but you need to know how to operate them safely. Naturally, you’re supposed to be paying attention at all times. I actually used one of these cranes at a manufacturing facility, and it was used to move rolls of fiberglass around the warehouse for inventory purposes. Every roll that was completed had to be loaded onto racks, and these rolls weighed thousands of pounds.

You wouldn’t think that these small little cranes could handle such a job, but they are designed to be very powerful indeed. Obviously, no one should ever be underneath a load carried by one of these cranes, and employees should be extremely careful with the remote controls for these hoists or crane systems. Any employees getting ready to use one of these cranes needs to undergo the proper training first. The controls can be a little difficult to master in the beginning, but you’ll get used to using the overhead crane before long.

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